Recent iPhone Photos

These days I've been taking walks more often with my dog. And one of my favorite things to do is explore new areas I haven't walked, and take photos of things I see along the way.

It's incredible how many photo opportunities are all around us, in our everyday lives. I've been playing with Instagram a lot, and committing to taking one or two photos a day to keep my eyes sharp.

But the funny thing is, I don't know who gets more annoyed at stopping abruptly: me, because my dog keeps stopping to smell the flowers; or my dog, because I keep stopping to take photos.



I called this one "a christmas tree." Ever since I was in elementary, I always looked at pine cones as little Christmas trees.





The perception in this one stood out to me: how the palm trees look like they go from tall to short, and how the power line follows that direction.





I called this one "life," because it looks like it's just full of life: leaves, trees, vines.





My nephew, as himself.





"Ropes," because they are such magical tools.





One of my favorites, and I called it "angles." Geometry was my favorite Math subject (which explains why I'm a visual learner), and when I saw this design on a palm tree, two words quickly came to mind: "acute angles."






This is another favorite, "Autumn II." I wanted to take a photo that was not your typical "Fall" photo, so I got down real low and took this, with my walking partner.





You can tell I've been experimenting with black-and-white by now, and this is yet another favorite. What I love about this: even though it's in B&W, your eyes still fill in the colors.





"Autumn I," my first try at getting an "Autumn" photo.





I called this one "balance," because that's what it looks like to me: wavy lines, on a stable rock. The water is also a display of balance: an element that is unpredictable and wavy too, near the firm rock.






I liked the two tall threes as a frame for the bench.





I like how the blades of the windmill form a circle, but in the background are tall straight lines.





This one I took this morning, of a fallen nest after some windy days.




After taking a photo of the nest, I started noticing circles.




And this one reminds me of the nest too: a pothole in the sidewalk, but it houses new little clovers.




And our last one for today: circles.


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One of my favorite writers, Rands, also wrote a good tip about how to take great photos on Instagram. He's just a hobbyist photographer, but his images look incredible!