Love and Humility



This last week has been a rollercoaster of reflections on my photography, and transitioning to becoming a full-time photographer.

But at the end of it now, I concluded it all comes down to two very basic subjects: love and humility.

Love. Do I really love doing this? At the end of the day, above the frustrations and expectations, do I really love taking photos? Do I really enjoy telling stories with them?

Humility. Am I being humble about this? Am I letting my pride get in the way? Is my heart sincerely wanting to help others? Do I enjoy serving others? That it's not for myself, not whether I'm getting the best, visually-impressive photo, but I'm actually really doing this to give my clients a work of art, for the sake of enrichining their lives, and blessing them for the better?

This lesson can be easily applied to anything we do, any vocation you're in. Do you really love doing it? And are you really in it for others?

These two questions I know I'll be revisiting for the rest of my life.