My Spanish Necklace

A little more than a year ago, I was wrapping up my final weeks of studying abroad in Spain, and Leanna came to visit for two months. By the grace of God, we found an apartment for her to stay for just 2 months! Leanna just finished her final undergraduate courses the month before, and I was wrapping up my final exams at the local Spanish university. So what better way to finish our 4-year university journey than to do some traveling in Europe? Leanna's friend came to join us later and we traveled to Rome, Venice, and Barcelona. It was an entirely surreal experience, and now I always urge new undergraduates to study abroad if they can. It's the best decision I ever made, and worth more than the degree itself.

Anyway, I came here to write about my Spanish necklace. Leanna loves making jewelry. And of course, she'd want to make me one. At first, I refused, being the boy I am.

Some time passed, and one day I had this cool idea, of how cool I'd be if I wore a necklace. I think I may have got the idea from an anime I've been watching (yup, I just said that). So I told her out of the blue, that if there's any piece of jewelry she can make for me, I'd let her make a necklace, because that's the coolest piece of jewelry a guy can wear. What it would look like, I don't know, but she's the expert, so she should find that out anyway. Leanna lit up at the idea.

More time passed, and one day in Granada (my hometown in Spain) we were souvenir-shopping for family back at home. In a tiny little shop, Leanna found some cool ceramics she thought her mom would love. We approached the counter, euros in hand, and it was then I saw a tiny booklet. And I was curious. It looked like this:




And I opened up, and saw this:




(On the right page was the key).



So I then get this brilliant idea of how cool would it be to have a souvenir for myself, a memorial that would always remind me of my season in Spain, a time when I stepped out in faith and did something out of the ordinary. And how cool would it be if I could wear that memorial around my neck all the time? To remind me to take more steps of faith, and be more courageous in the future?

I turned to Leanna and told her, I know what I want my necklace to have now.

Months later back in the States, after two tries (the first necklace broke), Leanna finally presented me with a little box. And inside of it, was this: