The Pilot G2 0.32mm Gel Ink Pen

The Pilot G2 0.38mm Gel Ink Pen | Tools and Toys:

The Pilot G2 0.38mm Gel Ink Pen On a recent episode of The B&B Podcast, Ben Brooks and I got into a discussion about pens. All you need to know is that the Pilot G2 0.38mm gel pen is just about the best pen money can buy. If I have to use any other pen I almost prefer not to write at all.

This is also my choice pen (except for fancy occasions), and I have three boxes of them right now ready to last me until the next year. Fun trivia: it's with this exact tool I wrote my "write without words" header above, and my signature.

A gentleman (i.e. nerd) should know his pen the way the samurai knows his katana.