"I feel like falling in happiness today"

H-P Story of the Day: Orange County, CA | Help-Portrait | 08 Dec 2011:

“Early in the day this sweet lady came in. She spoke no English, but her joy was evident! Our make up artist, Isabel, added just a bit of color then put a ribbon in her hair and she just lit up! Thankfully Isabel is bilingual and was able to translate for us and even helped Maria by writing her comments on the photo below. I had no idea how powerful it would to be able to deliver the prints right then and there. It was such a blessing to let the photographer who took the picture hand deliver them.”

I can't believe I haven't talked about Help-Portrait yet!

Help-Portrait is a worldwide, annual movement about finding families who are less privileged to afford professional-quality photographs of themselves. We have a professional make-up artist on hand to help them feel special as they really are, then we take their photos in a professional setting (studio lightings, backdrops) and print them out for them right after, and give it to them. It's shocking to hear how many families never had their family portraits taken, or don't have photographs at all.

Leanna and I participated in this for the first time last year, December 8th 2011. We loved the experience, and just meeting all those dear brothers and sisters. They remind us of what life is really like, and yet still encourage us to be joyful no matter what.

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