A 'Fuller' Room

When I sat down to make a package for my first family portrait session, I told myself not to look at how other photographers do it…because that's not only copying, but that it would not be of me.

I then asked myself, "If I had a family with 3 kids, and was about to get my portraits taken…how do I want to remember it? What do I want to remember my family with?"

One thing I've always loved in photography are the final prints on canvas. I love that museum-quality look, feeling the textures with my fingertips, and that timeless, romantic feeling of owning a personal masterpiece, in my own room.

So when I received an email last week titled, "We love our canvases!" I was thrilled!

The portraits were for a lovely couple, Sandra & Charles, and their beautiful family.


Below are photos Charles emailed me from his iPhone:



"We absolutely love them. You captured the spirit, soul, and love of our family and somehow got it on film. Crazy! You and Leanna are truly artists, what a gift."





"Sandra said the room looks more 'fuller'. Her smile says it all. They really complete the room."






"We love the photos .....u and Leanna really captured us so well. I sleep on the couch next to the pictures and it makes me happy looking at it." - Sandra