T.V. Commercials

Minimal Mac:

I then do what I should have simply done in the first place. I hook up the iPad to the free hotel wifi and hand it to her. She fires up the Netflix app, chooses a show, and she is happy.

This, she gets. This makes sense.


Ugh. I hate T.V. commercials.

This is a story about a short vacation trip the writer and his family recently took. His little daughter has never seen a television commercial in her life. Her "world of television" consists mainly of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon streaming, etc. So when she's introduced to a "real TV" for the first time, she attempts to watch Shrek playing on a cable channel, but feels rudely interrupted by the commercials to the point she loses interests in the movie itself.

It's an enlightening story to hear about where technology and television is going, and how the next generation is watching contents.

But I relate to this because I hate watching T.V. commercials. Yes, it's amusing from time to time, but it's terrible. Do you ever want to feel discontent and unhappy with life? Watch just five T.V. Commercials. There. Problem 'solved'.

I mostly watch Netflix now, the only exception are sports like basketball and football. I prefer watching it live, and the only way I can watch it live is having to tolerate the horrendous commercials. But what makes it worse are the advertisements geared toward the "sports-watching folks" are horribly degrading. Sometimes I skip watching sports altogether because of the commercials I have to deal with.