"My Tribute To Comedian And Friend Steve Bridges (1963-2012)" by Adam Christing

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My Tribute To Comedian And Friend Steve Bridges (1963-2012) - Adam Christing:

And think he did.  Steve earned his bachelors degree at BIOLA, then went and got an additional Masters degree at Talbot Theological seminary. You read that right. One of the funniest performers of our time went to...Seminary. On road trips, we would talk for hours about gags and about God. He could go from doing a masterful impression of Ross Perot one minute, to discussing the book of Ecclesiastes with you the next. I still have one of his books I forgot to return to him. It's called How to be Ridiculously Well Read in One Evening. Like most great comedians, Steve spent a lot of time alone thinking hard. But he would come alive with genuine bliss onstage. Steve discovered that comedy and tragedy are two sides of this coin called life.


An incredibly touching tribute written by Leanna's dad, Adam Christing. You'll feel like you knew the guy all your life.

I've never heard of Steve Bridges until this week…but then again I also knew a great deal about the George W. Bush impersonator on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and his iconic shoulder twitches.

On a serious note: If you're the praying kind, please keep Steve's family and his friends in prayer. This was totally unexpected, and the cause of death is still unknown.

On a lighter note: Please enjoy samples below of Steve Bridges' great impersonations that Leanna shared with me this morning.




Steve Bridges alongside former President George W. Bush:


You can watch more of his impersonations here, and Steve Bridges' website here.