The Art of Making a Flamenco Guitar

I truly, truly love flamenco music.

There's something about the music that just cuts straight to my core. Forget the caffeine, flamenco music will suffice.

On the very first day I set my sandals in Spain, I was enraptured by a locals' flamenco performance (you know it's local when it only costs a couple of euros, opposed to the touristy ones that charge you 30 euros—that's about $45). Ever since, I often visited flamenco performances throughout my stay. Before I left Spain, I made sure to carry back 6 hours of flamenco music back with me: CDs I locally bought from the land of flamenco itself.1

This video is three minutes of pure bliss to me; and I can't move on without sharing this. 

The Art of Making, Alma Flamenca from Dimitris Ladopoulos.




Paco de Lucía is the summa cum laude of flamenco guitarristas. You can listen to his samples on iTunes.