Steamer's Birthday



First of all, this is a guest post written by Leanna. I asked her to write something for the blog, and here it is. I think you'll like it. :)

Second, I want to express my true, honest thanks to my awesome friend Brian Tran for capturing all the photos in this post. He's such a great friend and photographer. He's so good at photography, he challenges me to improve my craft, and reminds me that I'm not all that good.

Thanks so much Brian. Okay, I'm getting off stage now.

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Wednesday, June 27th, 2012


I woke up with happiness, joy, excitement, but also a strong focus that I was on a mission to make Steamer’s birthday special.

The night before I had baked a cake for Steamer. His favorite is chocolate, and I love to bake him really chocolatey cakes - with chocolate shavings (he likes that), Lindor truffles baked in and all! Our friends Richard and Leslie and I had planned to have a little surprise party for Steamer. They were going to be waiting for us at this cool spot that Richard had found in Newport Beach. Richard had called me a few days before and was really persistent and I wanted to help make it happen. So once we left our dinner in Laguna, I was driving and trying to not let Steamer know that I was following Richard's directions to this cool park in the Pelican Hill residential area that overlooks the ocean and all of Newport Beach.

This is the text I read from Richard while Steamer was not looking.…
"You will go up the hill a little ways and there is this little grass park on the side. You can park on the street next to it. Walk up to the farthest point, but don't walk too close to the bushes ;) There's a little decorative stuff set up..."

So I was driving up the big hill and saw a park but thought maybe there was one up higher. Steamer saw it and told me, "hey! I want to go there, let's stop there!" I told him, "we will, but I'm just trying to find this really cool spot first and then we can go there." He was pretty persistent and brought it up a couple more times. I turned around because I figured that was it after seeing no other park on the right side.

I parked and we started walking up the path. It was such a beautiful spot and we had gotten there right after sunset. I was looking around to figure out that "farthest point" that Richard and Leslie would be waiting with a surprise.

Then Steamer, my hand in his, led me onto the grass to our right up to the center of the grass and I saw a blanket ahead.








He started leading me to it and before I saw the candles and rose petals all around it, he was taking my Tiffany's heart ring on my left ring finger and that was it...I knew what was going on. I immediately started reacting with expressions like "oh my gosh!!" and was just shocked and ecstatic. He got on his knee and then I fell to my knee. He pulled out a box from his shorts and opened it and said,

"¿Quieres casarte conmigo?"




Proposal  2



And I replied, "Si! ¡Es el deseo de mi corazón!"



Proposal  1



He put the ring on and it was the most perfect and beautiful ring! I was so thrilled and again, still in shock. I noticed how I loved the candles too. I probably also expressed my surprise that he surprised me when I was expecting to surprise him with Richard and Leslie. He got me so good! :)

He told me that there was still more. He pointed over to our right and there was a bench overlooking the edge of the hill and outlooking the ocean and the beautiful dusky Brigadoon sky. The bench had his guitar and more rose petals and more candles. We made it over there (me still in shock and expressing how much I loved the ring). Steamer played me the most beautiful song he wrote for us. It encompassed exactly who we are and it was very meaningful to me, to us both.





We were filled will joy and went home to an awesome Cambodian Birthday meal made by Steamer's mom. We also called both sets of my parents right away (they were so awesome and happy for us!), and his brother Starr and parents had a nice congratulations (and birthday) sparkling Mango Apple Cider for us. He called his other two brothers and then we brought out the cake (really not much of a surprise in comparison to the proposal!) and it was really fun. He blew out 24 trick candles and the night was complete.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.



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Steamer's Request:

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