Static Made | Emails to My Unborn Daughter:

For the past five years, I’ve been writing emails to my son. Shortly after he was born in 2007, I created an email account in his name so I could write to him throughout his childhood and then turn the account over to him when he was of age. Upon opening the account for the first time, he’d be greeted with an archive of his childhood as seen through his father’s eyes.

This is so cool, and as one who journals a lot, something I would totally do. 

I remember a time I wrote a letter to myself one year into the future, just for fun with some kids around the eve of a new year. 

Time capsules intrigue me too. Sometimes I think of photo albums as time capsules: something we put away for years, and then dig them back up years later and walk through the memory halls of high school, or college, or some awesome mission trip we've been through.

This "time-traveling" stuff just fascinates me for some reason. That's why I love movies and stories of people traveling back in time.

Don't you ever wish you can travel back in time to your elementary school, hide behind some tree, and watch yourself play on the playground? And observe some quirky mannerisms or funny speech habits you still have today? 

I sure do.