Summer Suburbs

Over the summer I decided I'm going to try street photography someday. And carry my camera with me more often. Well this isn't urban street photography, but it's a step toward it.

This past week in Southern California, it's been brutally hot indoors and outdoors, for something like 22 hours a day. It really feels like there's only two hours in the day when it feels cool, somewhere like 3am to 5am. And then the earth heats up again. 

But Saturday evening was so nice, with some clouds diffusing the heat (and the light!) to make for some awesome photos, and an extremely pleasant walk. To practice taking photos in public, I took my camera with me this time.

I can feel my photography evolving this summer, as I study more art history, technicals and techniques, colors and composition, and stuff like that. I also strayed away from editing these images too much — instead just simple color corrections and sharpening. That's pretty much it.

Enjoy, with a fan and some ice cold lemonade.


01 summer walks  1


02 summer walks  1

This wood has a face that looks like that cockroach alien doctor from Monsters vs. Aliens, whose voice is Hugh Laurie.


03 summer walks  1


04 summer walks  1



05 summer walks  1


06 summer walks  1


07 summer walks  1


08 summer walks  1


10 summer walks  1


11 summer walks  1


09 summer walks  1