Gabby Douglas

Gabby Douglas's Awesome Night: A GIF Guide - The Atlantic Wire:

A little background for why everyone is making such a fuss about Douglas not suffering a mental breakdown on beam: Only a year and a half ago, Douglas made a big mental mistake on beam. At 2011 national championships, when she was going for her dismount, she balked. (Seen at left.) Multiple times. It was considered deadly for her career. Balking is not just a big deduction, it can be dangerous. And Marta Karolyi, the national team coordinator, does not like putting women on the team who crumble on the beam. She sees it as a sign of mental weakness.

Just finally caught up on the All-Around finals — and wow! It was close

Here are a couple of my thoughts from it:

  • I'm such an amateur at watching this, but I gotta say that the beams felt like the most nerve-wracking of all the apparatuses. This is why it's even more interesting when you read the excerpt above.
  • It feels like Gymnastics are similar to Volleyball in this respect: whoever makes the least mistakes wins.
  • The Russians have much more elegance than the Americans. They make the routines look beautiful, classy and artistic; their poise and kinetics are more fluid and organic.
  • Komova's floor-exercise routine was really good. It was stunning, it was beautiful. But I got nervous after that, because she could've taken Gold with that.

Be sure to read the article for an educational experience of how Gabby Douglas won.


Congratulations Gabby Douglas! Way to make USA proud.