Caine's Arcade Goes Global

Imagine: Caine's Arcade Goes Global from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.

This is a follow-up video of Caine's arcade, now one year later. (In case you missed the first, here's their website:

He's a bit taller now, looks more mature — but still has that same, delightful smile. Now kids all over the world are making their own cardboard games, along with a worldwide "Cardboard Challenge" on Oct. 6, a fundraiser to encourage creativity and entrepreneurship in kids.

The part that stands out to me? The fact that in the midst of iPads and iPod touches, video games and technology — there are still kids finding joy in the simplicity and the creativity of cutting up cardboard boxes for the joy of imagination. Forts and trains and castles, anyone? I did that with cardboard boxes when I was little.

Oh, and yes, I also made a time machine.