For example, "Fenix is a black-and-white Chihuahua -Pug mix, and Maya is a white Wauzer (Westie-Schnauzer mix)."
in human years.
Treats, toys, and noisemakers are my go-to methods to getting a dog's attention to the camera.
Every dog is different (that's why they're so special to us!)
Some respond to toys, but not treats. And some to treats, but not toys. And some like human baby sounds or farm animals.

For example, our Westie-Schnauzer mix, Maya, is somewhat attracted to toys and noise, but is in LOVE with treats. She especially loves her Oravet chews and her mouth will shake in pure excitement to eat one! Before I even ask her to do a trick, she'll go down the list and do ALL tricks in one continuous motion as a safe way to ensure she earns one. It's so cute!
Sometimes I put a stake-in-the-ground to leash a dog to one area. It's a great way to get photos of them laying down and relaxing too. Works best with smaller dogs.

Example: Fenix is about 10 lbs, Maya is about 15 pounds.
Some owners are okay with just a leash, some are okay with them being unleashed (in their backyard, or enclosed area), and some prefer harness at all times.
Totally optional. I'm just curious what he or she looks like!
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