Why do I need professional portraits of my dog?

My answer to that is simply another question:
 how do you want to remember them?


Our dogs are family. We can't imagine life without them. They have a way of breaking through our walls, and burrowing their way into our hearts. They melt away our anxieties and stress, and retrieve our wandering thoughts back into the present moment. We celebrate their vibrant personalities through the capturing and sharing of their photos. We want beautiful, breath-taking, brilliant portraits of our dogs that show their beauty, their joy, and their silliness. 

But a lot of times our photos fall short of expressing the feeling we wanted to capture. They don't show the full range of our beloved furry family members.

If you're like most dog-parents, you’re trying to get photos of your dogs with your smartphones, but your experience is frustrating:

  • It's hard to keep him sitting still just long enough to take a picture
  • she keeps looking away whenever you take out your phone and won’t cooperate
  • She's too energetic and distracted by everything else around her
  • Most of the time the photo comes out too dark or blurry

And even if you just so happen to get a good one in, it still doesn't quite convey the sense of joy and personality of her character that you're trying to bring out.

Sadly, most dog-parents go on doing this and don't consider a professional portrait until it's too late.

What most dog-moms and dog-dads hate to face is the reality of how short our dogs’ lives are.

They grow up way too fast! By merely 1 year old, they're already considered adults. Depending on the dog's size, if they are between the ages of 5 and 9 years old, they’re already considered senior citizens. By the time you realize you're dog is not energetic as he once was, you realize you might want to start investing in professional dog portraits that will tell the story of your dog when he or she's not around anymore.

That's actually what happened to me.

My Story

Fenix, June 2000 - April 2015 Taken in my mom's backyard and I captured his excitement when he just realized I came home after being gone all day.

Fenix, June 2000 - April 2015

Taken in my mom's backyard and I captured his excitement when he just realized I came home after being gone all day.

I grew up with Fenix, my little black-and-white chihuahua-pug mix since I was 12 years old. He was born sometime in June of 2000, then died in April of 2015.

For fifteen years, he was my best friend, my furry little brother, and when he got older we affectionately called him "grandpa."

When I started learning professional photography, I quickly realized I had the responsibility to preserve the memories of Fenix before his time ran out (it turned out I only had 3 more years left with him).

I sadly realized this when I noticed he couldn't jump up on the coach to join me like he used to, how he didn't have the enthusiastic energy to greet me at the door when I came home, or when I noticed his eyes start to get cloudy, and his hearing wasn't as sharp as it used to be.

While I'm so glad I was able to capture professional portraits of him that really showed off his personality, at the same time I regret that we have so very few portraits of his small puppy months and his young adult years, when he had so much energy, tenacity, and no grey hair.

And that’s when I learned I could help other dog-parents express their dog’s personalities and preserve their memories with professional photography. 

When I started digging into dog photography, I learned that not only dog-parents were extremely ecstatic about their furry portraits, but they also had such a fun and memorable, VIP-like experience.

That's what Janiece had to say about her portrait shoot with her 7-month old Frenchie, Rousey.


What Other Dog Owners Are Saying

"Rowdy" Rousey at 4-months old. French Bulldog.

"Rowdy" Rousey at 4-months old. French Bulldog.

Steamer is a fantastic photographer! He instantly fell in love with my 7-month old French Bulldog, Rousey, which helped create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. She can be quite rowdy with energy but Steamer has such patience and you can tell he just genuinely loves being around dogs. The time we spent with him was filled with such ease that even though it was quite hard to keep her still, we made it happen and we were absolutely thrilled with the results! ... Hands down I recommend Steamer for anyone and their beloved fur-child.
— Janiece and Rowdy Rousey

Ziggie and Zoie, a Boston Terrier and French Bulldog, are the most adorable sisters you’ll ever meet and you just can’t separate them!


The time spent with Steamer was pawsome, as the girls would say. Immediately, the girls fell in love with Steamer and Leanna. They just couldn’t get enough of the duo. Steamer knew exactly what to do for the right image to be captured; he definitely had the right tools to make it happen. We loved most that the girls were so very comfortable during their shoot. So comfortable that Zoie wanted to be in every photo, photobombing Ziggie at every chance. Steamer is very patient! We actually think he was quite amused by the little piggie and her photobombing skills. 😀 The girls definitely had a blast!

Thank you Steamer for preserving our girls goofiness through photography and at the same time capturing a very mature Ziggie! An image I have yet to capture myself.☺️ Having photos of them around the home brings peace and fullness to our lives. It’s true what they say, “Home is where the dogs are”. ❤️ Their memories will furever live through the beautiful photos you’ve given us.
— Tons of love and licks,

The Tolosa's 🐾🐾





Ziggie and Zoie. Zoie (left) is photobombing Ziggie's portrait.

Ziggie and Zoie. Zoie (left) is photobombing Ziggie's portrait.

And finally, Willie, a 12-year-old mini dachshund. He's the most daring dachshund I’ve ever met! His mom had to say this about her portraits of her little prince,

Steamer Lee is simply the best! He has a unique talent and style in professional pet photography. Steamer connects extremely well with animal owners and understands how much we value our pets. He created a comfortable, safe and fun experience for my 12 ½ year old mini dachshund. Steamer stunned me with the best photographs ever capturing my little Prince Willie’s personality and character.
— Elizabeth, Willie's mom

Now It's Your Turn

My goal is to help dog-parents celebrate and capture memories of their furry-kids that will live beyond their short lifetime.

VIP Portrait Packages starts with a $250 reservation fee.

Now the chewed-up, slobbery tennis ball is in your court.

Years from now (or even months), your dog's best pictures may just be the ones on your phone right now. Even worse, they may never leave your phone. Or they can be beautiful portraits full of vibrant personality, sheer joy, and a treasured work of art to adorn your home for the rest of your life.

How do you want to remember your dog after her time is up?

When you reserve a portrait session, you’ll have the peace of mind that your dog’s memories and stories will be preserved forever, you no longer have to feel the pressure and responsibility of getting the right photos; you’ll have beautiful, deeply personal, and unique artwork to adorn your home with the warmth of your dog’s smile, and you’ll give your dog a fun and memorable experience that you’ll both remember for the rest of your lives.

As long as your dog is still around, no matter how old (4 months or 12 ½ years old!), it's not too late!


A VIP Portrait Session Is a Great Gift too!

You can gift this as a celebration of:

  • Rescue anniversary
  • Your Dog's Birthday
  • Puppy Portraits (before they grow up!)
  • Milestone Event (Dog training graduation, for example)
  • Christmas Gift
  • Just because...!