The Blog Awakens

It's FINALLY here.
I'm so excited to have this going again.

Do you know how long it's taken me to re-start this blog again?

FOUR years. 

Four years!

I love writing. (Actually, I hate writing, but that's what it means to be writer, right?)

I'm a writer first, and photographer second. Really.

Photography, to me, is an expression of writing. After all, photo and graphos means "to write with light." See what I did there? I just showed off my word parsing skills.

Four years ago, I had a blog that spanned 18 months, with 100 entries. I was just looking through that archive and enjoyed looking at life in 2011 and 2012. Some of the entries were long-reads, others were commentary on other articles and links. It was so much fun! 

Anyway, I'm SO excited to start writing again. 

I'll share fun things I find on the internet.
I'll share fun dog projects I'm working on. And I'll share some fun projects not dog-related I'm working on.
I'll share some personal things. I'll share some silly things.
I'll be sharing some tips on how you can take better photographs of your dog.
I'll share how you can decorate your home with big smiling dogs on your wall.
And of course, I'll be sharing a whole lot of dog images. LOTs of them.

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for clicking (or tapping) on my Facebook link. 

Oh wait!!

Before you go, I must leave you with these dog images. 

These were taken at the Irvine Dog Park, "Central Bark." I love going to dog parks. There's nothing like going into an outdoor park full of joyful dogs greeting you with their wagging tails, furry faces, slobbery smiles, and endearing eyes.


Here's Maya at the dog park. We're trying to get her to socialize with other dogs more. She's getting better each time we take her.

Also, this image is sponsored by Mickey Mouse. 


Gabby, a red labradoodle. I've never met a red labradoodle before, so I was super excited to meet Gabby.


I just love her facial expression, reacting to my camera sounds. 


"I'm half-listening."

Brady, named after Tom Brady, of course. But his ears! Look at his ears!


I have to include a French Bulldog because they're good for TV ratings.

Also, I highly suggest clicking on this for a larger view!


WOOOOOOOOF. I love the barking sound of a basset hound. But probably because I don't live with one.

And my favorite of the bunch. No words. I just LOVE this image. Click for a larger view.

Thanks for your time! I hope that was fun.

And if you or anyone you know who might be interested in some gorgeous dog photos, please get in touch.