Maya's First Birthday (with us!)

June 30th was Maya's 8th birthday in human years, but really she's more like a perpetual 2-year old nosy toddler.

I took her to Huntington Dog Beach back in May and it was the best thing. Dogs + Beach = Heaven on earth. There's something so beautiful, wonderful, and joyful to see a dog run free on the sands of the beach, leaving tiny paw prints in her wake.

In celebration of Maya's birthday, I compiled this collection of photographs I took just in the previous two months.

This was my first time taking her to the dog beach, and she loved every moment of it! I loved watching her run around and be free, and then come running right back to me.

To my surprise, she wasn't that afraid of the ocean, although the photographs may look like that. But she was tolerant of getting her feet wet. 

Leanna and I recently decided to get Maya groomed, and so here are some photos of her before her grooming, and then some more after.

And don't miss Maya's "taco tongue"! Leanna insisted I include this photograph because it just makes her literally LOL!


Look at that difference! We took her to The Spaw , and they were the best! 
We thought she was already the cutest dog in the world, but when we got her back after her grooming, our hearts just gushed and melted at how clean and soft and beautiful she was. Leanna literally couldn’t think straight. She just sat in the backseat of our car with Maya and couldn’t stop feeling her soft body. We felt like we got to see her as a puppy again.

As you can tell, I took lots of photographs of her after her grooming! They took such great care of Maya and did a PHENOMENAL job with her! 

Here she is at a park:

The next three photographs I almost left out because they were blurry, but they still looked so adorable and I felt even though they're not technically perfect, you can still feel Maya's cuteness and her growl come through.

These next two are my favorites! I loved seeing my wife interact with our little Maya. I loved how the sunlight outlined Maya's silly little shape.

And finally, one of Maya and I:

Happy Birthday, Maya! We're so fortunate, blessed, and grateful to have you in our lives.

I hope you make more paw prints in the sand, hunt more flies in our home, alert us when Amazon Prime shipments arrive, and turn frowns into smiles when people see you walk by.