So Cal Corgi Beach Day (Vol. 1)

Yesterday was So Cal Corgi Beach Day, and it was my first time being part of it!

I had SO MUCH fun with everyone. Everyone was so nice, all the Corgis were so fun to meet, and the weather was just perfect for a beach day.

I took TONS of photos, so I'll break up my photograph collection into at least two parts, maybe three. 

Here's the first part of the collection, and I hope you enjoy it!

Because it was the 4th-of-July Weekend, we had some Corgis dress up for the occasion.

On the other hand, there was some hard-corgi LA Dodger fans too. Here's Emma and Higgins, representing their favorite baseball team. My favorite part here was seeing one of the siblings peek out when I came to take their photographs:

This sweet Corgi below is Penny:

And sometimes when I'm photographing one Corgi, another Corgi appears out of nowhere:

I believe this little Corgi mix is named Sully, named after the gentle giant monster in Monsters, Inc.

And it wouldn't be the Corgi beach day without photographing some Corgi with their fur still wet from the water.

And finally, we'll end today's collection of photographs with a puppy Corgi, appropriately named Thor.

I hope you enjoyed some of these! Stay tuned tomorrow for Vol. 2 of our So Cal Corgi Beach Day photograph collection. I've got some photographs of Corgi fetching sticks in the water together, and another Corgi dressed up as a lion that looked believably real!