So Cal Corgi Beach Day (Vol. 3)

This is it! The final collection of Corgi photographs from So Cal Corgi Beach Day on July 1st, 2017.

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It was Independance Day yesterday, so let's get started with these star-spangled Corgis:

Barley and Bubbles were modeling ALL day for their country. I had to wait in line for hours (in dog time), to get photos of these two (they ran out of FastPasses by noon).

And here's another Corgi modeling the stars and stripes:

Speaking of models, here's a Corgi sporting a bowtie. Everyone else was busy watching the Corgi events, and I saw this little guy just sitting quietly:

I also got to meet other very well-known VIP's (Very Important Pets), such as Calvin the Corgi. It was a long day, and even Calvin couldn't keep up with greeting everyone. But he was a true professional. He got up and still posed for me:

Then he laid back down for his hourly nap:

Ready for another VIP? How about this Corgi named Kobe, 5-time NBA champion, sporting some Doggles. 

And then there's Ares the Corgi, the Greek dog of war, here to wreak cuteness upon mankind:

This next Corgi is supposedly only 9-months old! He totally looks fully grown already, and if he really is only 9-months old, then this one's going to grow up to be a really big Corgi:

And while we're on the subject of really big Corgis:

I know I know, they look like big stuffed animals that you would win at the county fair, but no! They are 100% real. I met them in-person and they are just as real and alive as any other Corgis there.

Now back to puppy-sized Corgis. 

This next one is Bear:

And while I was photographing Bear, this Corgi below wanted me to photograph him:

I don't know the name of this Corgi, but he or she just snuck up on me while I was taking photographs of other Corgis. I think this one's a puppy:

The next two Corgis are brothers, Dallas and Jax, "two low riding brothers." Dallas is the Corgi puppy, and Jax is the beautiful dachshund, and honorable Corgi for the day.

Thes two brothers were an absolute blast to photograph. They were so sweet and kind. By the way! Pro tip: Tying your fur model to a stake, as shown with Dallas here, is a great way to get them to stay in one place while you're trying to photograph them:

This photograph above, of the two brothers together, is one of my favorites. 

This next dog is Kal-El (Superman's birth name). I don't remember if he's part Corgi, or Corgi mix. But let's just say at least he's an honorable Corgi for the day. I was sitting down for lunch, enjoying a delicious cheeseburger, when I suddenly looked up and saw this dog with a different colored coat that I've never seen before. I stopped in the middle of my lunch, and grabbed my camera for this:

I know what you're thinking! Maybe part of the fur on his ear could've been dyed with some special dog shampoo? Nope. I asked his owners the same question, and they said it's completely natural. 

Here's another Corgi mix, and with another unusually colored coat. But what I loved best about this dog was his prominent tail:

Oh, and his bark! I love this photograph above because everytime I look at it I can hear the barking sound in my ears.

One more Corgi mix, with another beautiful tail. I try my best to remember all the names of the dogs I meet, but I can't remember this one. (If you know, please let me know).

"Look deep into my eyes...."

And now! More photos of Corgi's on the shore and in the water!

But first...this silly series of photos of a Corgi shaking his furry face:

The rare sighting of the Corgi-Shark mix:

These two silly brothers are Raynor and Winston, both aptly named after video game characters:

Ready to run into the water? This is what Corgi's Beach Day is all about!

I've said this before, but I'll say it again: 

Dogs + Beach = Heaven on Earth.

This Corgi below is Misha, and she was one of the Corgis who just wanted to run in the water again and again:

What I love about Misha is that when you hold her ball up to throw it, she waits on you in a crouch that almost looks like a downward dog:

Another one of my favorites from the day:

And here we come to the tail end of our So Cal Corgi Beach Day coverage.

Thank you so much for hanging in here with me.
I hope I was able to share with you the joy I experienced this fun day. I almost didn't get to make it. I found out about this meetup less than week before it was happening. Our sweet little Maya's been recovering from surgery so we've been staying home and monitoring her recovery process. But fortunately she turned a corner very quickly and is now her usual energetic, vocal, adorable self.

I had such a great time meeting so many wonderful people. I can't believe some of you came out from New Orleans, Alaska, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. There's something special about the dog community when you can instantly talk to another dog owner and just talk about what it's like to have a dog, and their silly and distinct personalities and antics.

I've never photographed a Corgi below, so this was a very special opportunity for me to add to my dog photography portfolio. For someone who is a non-Corgi owner, it's easy for me to say that they all "look alike." But as one Corgi owner told me, you do get to start seeing their different personalities. And that's what I find so fascinating about dogs, and other animals. They each have their own unique personality, tendencies, likes and dislikes. 

If you recognize any of these Corgis as yours, please get in touch.

Dogs are families, and I love helping families see beautiful, wonderful, silly, and playful photographs of their furry children. Especially as large pieces of artworks to live in their homes. I love seeing our large 24x36 of Maya living in our living room, and everyday it makes me appreciate her presence, her health, and her adorable ears.



Now that you've stuck around to reach the end credits of this post, here's a teaser for an upcoming follow-up blog post:

Teaser for Honorable Corgis of the Day.jpg

Honorable Corgis of the Day

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