Justin Timberlake

Yes, that's his real name!

And when he's not touring, acting, or preparing for the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show -- he does a little bit of modeling now and then.

Here's some photos of a mini-session we had together.

001 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Justin Timberlake - Manchester Terrier Mix.JPG

Justin Timberlake is a Manchester Terrier mix, with sweet eyes and a huggable personality. 

Unfortunately, there's good indication that he probably grew up in an abusive environment. You can see his apprehensiveness of meeting a stranger. 

Justin's mom and dad adopted him a couple of years ago. His parents didn't name him Justin Timberlake, that was his name when they met.

For him to come out, be outside, and even allow a stranger to photograph him was a sign of huge progress. 

See how his ears are back? That means he's kinda unsure and unsettled about the environment he's in. But the good news is that he didn't run away and try to hide. I still love these portraits of him. There's an innocence, and a desire to just reach out and comfort him, and let him know that I wasn't there to hurt him at all.

I did get some moments when he relaxed and showed his ears.

Here's a funny story! I'm always on the lookout for noisemakers. 
About a month ago, my wife and I celebrated our anniversary at Disneyland! We're AP holders, so we go pretty often. We were shopping around, and I found these Donald Duck inspired, beak-shaped duck calls. 

Totally NOT annoying!

Totally NOT annoying!

When you're not the most obnoxious person at Disneyland belting out duck sounds everywhere, it also makes for a great noisemaker that gets any dog to give you a funny look.

Most people might think aggressive dogs are the toughest to photograph. But in my experience, fearful dogs are more difficult. It takes time to earn their respect and trust, and takes even more time to have them make eye contact with you.

In my journey of learning how to read and communicate with dogs, I learned that with fearful dogs you don't want to make eye contact with them. In fact, I would turn my head away completely so my face is not even shown to him. This would allow Justin to meet me, smell me, and feel less confrontational.

It was a wonder already that he was giving me looks to the camera, and not shying away from the sound of camera shutters.

But toward the end of our photo shoot, you can tell Justin was getting more comfortable with me.

And that's the end of Justin Timberlake's mini-session photo shoot! 

Stay tuned for more blog sessions! I've got lots more to post, and so many great news to share.

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