Chopper and Elvis

So I've been working with a client on making a 5x7 Brag Book for her, full of 30 favorite portraits of her dogs. She has a pack of over ten dogs! Which, of course, I'll have to dedicate a whole other blog post about soon. 

But we noticed of all the dog portraits we had, two faces were absent from the photoshoot. They were in the group portraits of course, but I didn't capture a single portrait of each of them. And those two are Chopper and Elvis.

So what did we do? Well, I just so happened to have my camera in the car, and we took Chopper and Elvis to a park less than a mile away, and they got to have their own mini private portrait session.

Chopper's a German Shepherd and Rottweiler mix with the goofy tongue hanging on the side of his mouth, and Elvis is the senior spunky poodle, with beautiful eyes. Our photo session wasn't longer than 30 minutes, but we've got some pretty good portraits of them! 

Now that's what I call the VIP treatment! 

Although all we really needed was one good portrait of each, I kinda go overboard and won't stop taking photos until someone tugs on my leash to stop.

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