Seal Beach Animal Care Center - January Edition


One of my 2018 New Year's goal is to volunteer and give back.

It's something I've been wanting to do for a long time, and that's why I'm so thrilled to share that I started volunteering with a local animal shelter, here in Orange County, the Seal Beach Animal Care Center (SBACC). They're one of the few no-kill shelters in Orange County, with an army of volunteers who pour they hearts out to help these beautiful dogs find loving homes.

I believe in the power of portraits, and an adoptable dog's portrait is the first impression people see when they're considering adopting a dog. 

So last week I went in and photographed 20 adoptable dogs, each with their own story, unique personalities, and adorable faces.

The SBACC are incredible caretakers and lovers of their animals, and you feel it when they talk about each of their dogs. I included the SBACC's own description of some of the dogs in this blog post, and let them share their dogs' stories.

If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in adopting in any these dogs, please visit Seal Beach Animal Care Center's website at Also note: some of these dogs may have already been adopted, like some of the puppies.



This girl was so playful! She was social, joyful, and loved being in front of the camera.

01 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG
Hello everyone, please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Sandy. I’m a beautiful girl who came to the SBACC as a stray and my family never came for me so I’m looking for a forever family who would never abandon me. I’m a beautiful girl, though very skinny. I’m getting lots of good food, great vet care and lots of love from the volunteers and I’m starting to put on some weight, but I have a ways to go before I’m all filled out!! I really need a family to call my own. A family who has lots of time to give me the human attention that I crave! I love when the volunteers sit with me, and I do the cutest thing; I’ll put my paw somewhere on you; your leg, your arm, your shoulder, as if to say, “Please sit with me for a while. Please don’t leave yet.” I have beautiful, long legs and I walk great on a leash, checking in constantly to make sure you’re still with me. Do you have time to give to a beautiful girl like me; then please come down and meet me and let’s become family. Sandy ❤️🐾
— Seal Beach Animal Care Center


Molly's another beautiful dog, though a bit camera-shy with me at first. I gave her time to be comfortable with the camera, and we got some pretty good portraits of her.

02 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG
This beautiful girl is Molly. She is the perfect medium size (about 40 pounds). Unfortunately, Molly has has been adopted into a couple homes that haven’t worked out. Molly has anxiety when being left alone, but that’s only because she loves her people so much! In this next (and final) home, we are looking for someone who will be home most of the time, but most importantly, we want her to have another dog friend in the home because she LOVES other dogs and gets along so well with them. She is an active girl and will go on hikes, runs, walks, etc. with you. Other than her “flaw,” Molly is the perfect girl. Please don’t hesitate on coming to meet her. She is a great, loving girl who deserves the best home. ❤️🐾


Gandalf's a magical dog, and you can tell in his portraits that he's playful, vocal, and eager to please.

03 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG
04 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG
Good morning! It’s been a while since I’ve been posted. Gandalf here wondering why you haven’t come to meet me yet. I am a fabulous boy, am full of life, spunk and energy. I do GREAT with other dogs and love to run around and play. Will you come meet me? ❤️🐾


Chance was the first dog I walked as part of my volunteer training, so he's special to me in that way. He's great at walking, and didn't pull or walk ahead of me when I asked him to. Oh, and he's pretty photogenic.

05 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG
06 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG
Hi all you big dog lovers out there, my name is Chance. Are you looking for a best friend to run or hike with? One who’s well rounded and balanced with an amazing temperament? One who gets along well with other dogs and loves to cuddle? Well then, you must come and meet me, because I’m your guy! You see, I’m all that and so much more! I’m a handsome, 5-year old shepherd mix with a beautiful smile and the most gorgeous brown eyes that will melt your heart. I’m a big love bug of a boy who loves cuddle time with the volunteers, and they all say I give the best kisses!! I love my walks and my toys and I’m great with other dogs; basically, I’m the perfect package. I’m looking for my forever family to love; could you be that family? Please hurry down to the SBACC and “take a chance on me,” CHANCE!! I’ll be waiting for you with a smile and a kiss!! ❤️🐾


Big, goofy, smile! Monty was super energetic and ran all over the yard for me.

07 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG
Who’s happy it’s the weekend?? Monte certainly is! This handsome hunk is even more gorgeous in person. He is a big sweetheart with a tail that never stops wagging. Monte is an active boy and would love an active home. When he loves you, he loves you and won’t forget it. Come meet this sweet boy. ❤️🐾

Aretha, Clapton, Jagger, and Janis

Okay, imagine you're in a small space trapped by four little furry puppies gnawing at your shoelaces, pockets, wrists, and camera. They were climbing all over me, all over each other, and tumbling around with tiny tails wagging all around. That's how it was with these puppies!

08 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG
We have puppies in the building! These 5 cuties are 8-week-old Terrier mixes. Their names are Henley, Aretha, Janis, Clapton and Jagger. We are guessing they’ll be about 40ish pounds or so, but we have no idea. If interested, please fill out our online application prior to coming to meet them. We don’t hold and don’t do first come, we do what is best fit. In the meantime, enjoy the cuteness! ❤️🐾
— Seal Beach Animal Care Center

Please note: some of these peoples have already found homes. But you can check the SBACC's website to see who's still available.


Rosie's adorable! When I heard Rosie's part Doxie/Spaniel, it made sense to me. In my experience, I noticed Dachschunds in particular have deep eyes that really gaze into you. So far, there's few dogs I notice that do that, but our very own Maya (Westie-Schnauzer mix) also deeply gazes. 

09 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG
Who’s this cutie pie? Rosie! She is a 2-year-old Doxie/Spaniel mix with the sweetest face! Rosie is a fun girl who loves to play with other dogs, squeaky toys and cuddle with the humans. Come meet this fabulous girl! ❤️🐾


One of Lucy's portraits is making into my portfolio, and it's the one in mid-air with all four paws off the ground, running with her red toy. When I first photographed Lucy, she was not responding to my food bribes, but once I pulled out the toys, it was smooth sailing and she turned into a really fun subject to photograph.

10 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG
If this photo doesn’t make you smile, then what does?? This little spitfire is Lucy and she is full of life. She is always on the go-go-go and will bring so much to joy to any home. Need someone to make you smile everyday? Lucy sounds like she’d be the girl for you. ❤️🐾

Lucy ("Lucy 2")

Ever since adopting Maya, terriers have a special place in my heart. And Lucy (2) is no exception. 

11 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG
Hello there! My name is Lucy! I am super sweet, endearing and so affectionate. I was adopted from the care center five years ago, but was just brought back because my owner was moving and couldn’t take me. I know there is another family out there though for me that will love me unconditionally and take me anywhere they go. I am such a cute girl and I hope you come meet me soon! ❤️🐾


I distinctly remember photographing Xena because as soon as I pulled out the kibbles, she gave me her full attention.

12 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG


Same with Fiona, who was in the yard with Xena running around...until she heard me bring out the kibbles.

13 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG


Alas, the Saint Bernards!!

This sage is Tahoe, and the ground shakes when he takes a step. He was so large that I just could not get a good portrait of his full body in the frame.

14 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG
15 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG

Don't worry, Tahoe doesn't have a broken foot or anything. He just wears that boot because he's been itching it too much.


Honey, on the other and, was much smaller compared to Tahoe (though still very large for a dog). Just like her name, she's a real sweetie.

16 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG


Debbie's the third of our Saint Bernard family and she was the most cooperative dog in front of the camera. I especially love the middle portrait of her in-between yawning.

17 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG


Penelope is a pit bull beloved by everyone at the SBACC. 

I LOVE photographing pit bulls with their big, goofy, huge smiles. 

19 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG
Who wants to meet the happiest girl in the whole wide world? Well, here she is, Miss Penelope…or “Miss P” “Penny” “Penny-lope”, which are just some of the nicknames she has racked up here. To no fault of her own, Penelope was recently returned to SBACC after approx. a year in a home. Her previous owner had some recent life changes and could no longer provide the life this little hippo deserved. Penelope is a 4 year American Pitbull Terrier and to say Miss P loves people of all sizes, is a HUGE understatement. This precious girl has never met anyone she doesn’t love and she proves it by giving the best kisses…over and over and over again! Another fun trait about this girl is her love for water. Watching her play in the kiddie pools and with the hose is one of the funniest things you will ever see. Penny is a volunteer favorite. She is constantly getting tons of love and cuddles with all the volunteers. She is quite the spooner! P also loves car rides and hits downtown a couple times a week with her favorite volunteers where everyone swoons over her cuteness. Would you consider opening your heart and home for our sweet P?
— Seal Beach Animal Care Center



When I met Leilani, I heard she just recently arrived to the shelter a couple of days ago. She looked scared, unsure, out-of-place. I took her for a walk and spent some time with her before I started to photograph her. I noticed she knew basic commands like sit, lay down, and shake.  She's very sweet, obedient, and turned out easy to photograph.

18 Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Seal Beach Animal Care Center.JPG
Who is this sweet girl? Introducing Leilani! I was wandering the scary streets before arriving to this place. I was so scared and confused, but just one week later I am whole new dog! See what some love and comfort can do for a dog like me? My personality is shining! I love to play ball and I bring it back, too! I enjoy endless cuddles and love going for long walks! I’m a 1-year-old Bulldog mix. As long as you don’t mind some snorting, I think we could be the perfect match! Come meet me, won’t you?
— Seal Beach Animal Care Center

And there they are! 20 dogs! I had SO MUCH FUN making dignified, beautiful portraits of these dogs. I want to say a St. Bernard-sized THANK YOU to the SBACC for letting me stop by! 

Once again, they're from the Seal Beach Animal Care Center in Southern California. If any of these furry faces stood out to you, or you know someone looking, head on over to their website for an application.

Stay tuned for more adoption portraits.