Westie Coast

Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Westie Schnauzer Mix Maya 01.JPG

At the start of 2018, I told myself I wanted to try something new with my photography. I wanted to learn a new skill. I was feeling like I was hitting a plateau, and getting bored. But the good kind of bored that motivates you to take on a new challenge, and grow. As an artist, I was ready to take my art to the next level.

And what's the next level for me? Getting more creative with lighting.

After all, the word photography literally means to write with light. And it was time to learn a new  a whole new vocabulary. 

To be specific: creative lighting on-location.

I prefer photographing dogs outdoors, in their natural elements. I want to make images of dogs in pure joy and bliss, and natural surroundings brings out those carefree expressions.

And isn’t that why we fall in love with dogs? Because they reconnect us to the beautiful outdoors? Kicking up dirt behind their zooming paws, their wagging tails, and rubbing their neatly groomed fur into the grass? 

I love seeing dogs in their natural elements. I want to show them just as they are — without any fluffy clothings, accessories — just them, in their natural element. That’s why most of my images are shown without leashes. Just the dogs in their purest form! (Don’t worry, most dogs on their photo shoots still have their collars and leads on for their safety. I just remove them in Photoshop after). 

So one Friday evening, as the sun was setting on the Pacific Ocean, we took Maya to Huntington Dog Beach for yet another photo shoot. Though, I think she now knows photo shoots = lots of food and treats and attention. 

We arrived a bit late and missed the sun, but the evening glow still provided a gorgeous, dramatic back drop. 

And I’m so proud of how these images turned out! 

As you may have guessed by now, it was really windy that evening!

We LOVE taking Maya to the beach, not only because she's able to roam free and run around, but also because the beach is just good medicine for the soul. We get to meet other dogs, splash our paws in the water, and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze. 

The following image are Mommy's Favorites, because of Maya's puffy mouth look:

And these last two are my personal favorites:

Stay tuned for more creative on-location portraits! I have so many more visions about how I'm going to implement this new technique. 

I believe the photograph isn't complete until you can physically feel it, so I'm going to get working on printing these portraits and bringing them to life.

Valentine's Day is coming up! So if you have Furry Valentine and want to celebrate with something different, or you'd like to gift a portrait session for that special someone, drop me a line and let's schedule a portrait session together.