This Photo May Lower Your Stress Levels Right Now


When you have hundreds of images of your dog, how do you pick your favorite one to share?

Let me share with you how I do it.

I look for the images that makes me pause --
the kind that makes me pore over the details in the photograph

The ones that makes me pause, and “read” the photograph from left to right, from up to down.

That makes my eye wander, explore, and extract.

This photograph of Maya makes me do just that.

I look at the lines on the table, on the bench, on the chair, and how they create cozy 'box' around Maya.

I can feel my hands rubbing across the texture of the wood
The texture of Maya’s fur, the softness of it, the warmth of it.
Then the texture of the soft and warm blanket I laid out for her.

The summer evening
The feeling of enjoying an eventful day of hiking, and now it’s time to rest
The feeling of relaxing outdoors, in the summer, in the mountains.
It reminds me why I love summer evenings.

Something beautiful about the sunset sky,
there’s a quietness to this image.

There's a diagonal balance created in the image between Maya and the sunset.

There’s something intriguing about the blanket.

I feel like it’s the colorful blanket that makes this photograph.

All other colors are on the neutral side, while the color of the blanket itself brings life to the image

This image calms me down.

This is the kind of image that makes me want to create a gorgeous large print, like a 24x36.
The kind that makes me want to sit in a room with it, enjoying a warm cup of coffee, and a book in my lap.

When it comes to photos, we tend to believe more is better.

But what I'm looking for within thousands of photos I'd take on any given photo session, is that one or two or three that makes me pause, stop, and read.

You know you have a photograph when it becomes more than just a photo, but an experience that embracesyou.

Another thing: don't think about what others may think of the photograph.

Just pick the one that resonates with you, personally.

Happy weekend!

- Steamer