Gus' Rescue Story

Gus here was 1 of the 140 Shih Tzu’s rescued from that horrible hoarding story you’ve heard about. In May of this year, police found 140 (!) Shih Tzu’s in one home in Orange, living in terrible conditions. They were all covered in their own filth when they were found.

But thanks to O.C. Animal Care and volunteers from as far as San Clemente, they rescued the poor pups. Gus was one of the rescued pups, and is living his best life now!

I met him at PetPoint Medical Resort in Irvine, while finishing up another dog food project. I asked the staff if there were any dog models available for fun before I disassembled my mobile photo studio, and Gus was roaming around with his bushy tail. They told me his story, and I had no idea such a crazy thing happened earlier this year. Now look at him! I’m so glad to hear he’s in a better home now.

This is why Gus is my feature today for #NationalDogDay.