$179 Session Fee*

  • Complimentary, In-Person Design Consultation

  • On-Location or Indoor/Studio Dog Portrait Experience

  • Portrait Reveal and Ordering Consultation

Digital images, artistically edited and retouched, can be purchased after the session for $100/image à la carte, or between $60-$90/image when you invest in one of the packages.

Wall Arts, Albums, and Digital Packages are available according to whichever artistic medium you feel best expresses your dog’s portrait.

You’ll also get:

  • the chance to be in the portrait with your dog — which most dog owners don’t get because they’re always behind the camera.

  • a professional to help you through the decision-making process when it comes to choosing a print for your wall

  • freed up time, knowing someone else is designing and creating your album for you in a timely manner

  • peace of mind, knowing you took the extra time out of a busy life to celebrate your dog’s personality

* + 100 additional fee for portrait sessions at the beach

“Why do I need professional portraits of my dog?”


The simple answer is, how do you want to remember them?

Our dogs are family, and we love having photos that show their joy and silliness, and preciousness.

But a lot of times our photos fall short of expressing the feeling we wanted to capture.

If you're like most dog-parents, you’re trying to get photos of your dogs with your smartphones, but your experience is frustrating:

  • It's hard to keep him sitting still just long enough to take a picture

  • she keeps looking away whenever you take out your phone and won’t cooperate

  • She's too energetic and distracted by everything else around her

  • Most of the time the photo comes out too dark or blurry

And even if you just so happen to get a good one in, it still doesn't quite convey the sense of joy and personality of her character that you're trying to bring out.

Sadly, most dog-parents go on doing this and don't consider a professional portrait until it's too late.

What most dog-moms and dog-dads hate to face is the reality of how short our dogs’ lives are.

They grow up way too fast! By merely 1 year old, they're already considered adults. Depending on the dog's size, if they are between the ages of 5 and 9 years old, they’re already considered senior citizens. By the time you realize you're dog is not energetic as he once was, you'll want images the story of your dog when he or she's not around anymore.

That's actually what happened to me.

My Story

Fenix, June 2000 - April 2015  Taken in my mom's backyard and I captured his excitement when he just realized I came home after being gone all day.

Fenix, June 2000 - April 2015

Taken in my mom's backyard and I captured his excitement when he just realized I came home after being gone all day.

I grew up with Fenix, my little black-and-white chihuahua-pug mix since I was 12 years old. He was born sometime in June of 2000, then died in April of 2015.

For fifteen years, he was my best friend, my furry little brother, and when he got older we affectionately called him "grandpa."

I sadly realized his aging when I noticed he couldn't jump up on the coach to join me like he used to, how he didn't have the enthusiastic energy to greet me at the door when I came home, or when I noticed his eyes start to get cloudy, and his hearing wasn't as sharp as it used to be.

While I'm so glad I was able to capture professional portraits of him that really showed off his personality, at the same time I regret that we have so very few portraits of his small puppy months and his young adult years, when he had so much energy, tenacity, and no grey hair.

And that’s when I learned I could help other dog-parents express their dog’s personalities and preserve their memories with professional photography. 

When I started digging into dog photography, I learned that not only dog-parents were extremely ecstatic about their furry portraits, but they also had such a fun and memorable, VIP-like experience.

Here are some stories of clients I served.

What Other Dog-Parents are Saying

“I am not quite sure how much time my dog and I have left together, but I am so glad I contacted Steamer to capture some gorgeous photos of me and her together while she is still active! For those on the fence about a photographer because of the cost, I would highly suggest to go for it! We only have limited time with these family members, and the end result of beautiful pictures makes it all worth it. The saddest part of having a dog is the limited time we have with them, and I know these pictures will help keep these precious memories with me forever”
— Paul F.
Steamer Lee Dog Photography - Megan Fisher 8x10 04.JPG
We had considered hiring a professional to photograph our former dog, but unfortunately we lost him to cancer before we acted. We are so happy that we hired Steamer to take pictures of our dog! Steamer spent a lot of time with us before the shoot to understand what we wanted out of it and what would be the best environment to conduct the photo shoot…

The pictures are truly beautiful. They capture our dog’s personality really well, and the presentation of the pictures is just outstanding…
Our dog has recently been diagnosed with heart problems, so we are really glad we didn’t wait to have this done!
— Mary M.
Steamer Lee Dog Photography -9.jpg
As Spenny’s mom and dad, we wanted to have portraits of Spenny as a puppy to remember him as a puppy. But, we can only do so much to ask him sit or stay for a picture. Even though we know he is a puppy and he’s so distracted by the world, we can still get impatient with him. We appreciated how Steamer took the time to get to know Spenny and to be patient with him in taking the pictures. Now we have a huge, 20x30 framed print and also 16x20 prints of Spenny hanging all around the living room. When we got the final printed portraits, we felt happy that we could show off Spenny to guests in our home. They really like all of Spenny’s portraits! We were happily surprised with how smooth the whole process was and we are very happy with the finished products! Thanks for everything, Leanna and Steamer!
— Kristie and Matt
Steamer Lee Dog Photography -14.jpg

Now It's Your Turn

My goal is to help you celebrate and capture memories of your furry-kids that will live beyond their short lifetime.

Here's what your dog's portrait experience timeline looks like:

  1. First, we'll start with your Complimentary, In-Person Design Consultation. I want your dog to meet me beforehand, and we’ll see how she reacts to the camera. We'll casually talk about your vision and desires, and I could show you past clients’ sample products and my portfolio. Together, we'll design your dog's portrait experience. After your Design Consultation, you'll have the choice to book your dog's photographic experience and reserve a date.

  2. Second, we'll meet together for the actual photo shoot, your Dog's Portrait Experience. I’m flexible on time, but sessions usually take about 60 minutes to 2 hours. It all depends on we designed your dog’s portrait experience. If you’re looking for just one gorgeous image for your wall, then the session is shorter. If you’re looking to create an album, then the session is longer to create a variety of images for your album.

  3. Third, we'll meet again for your dog's Portrait Reveal and Ordering Consultation. This is when you'll see your dog's gorgeous portraits, and decide whether you'd like to invest further in any wall arts, or books. Dog owners invest anywhere between 400 and 3000 for their dog's gorgeous wall portraits and books. 50% of clients will opt for an interest-free payment plan.

  4. Fourth, depending on where you live, I may personally deliver your artwork to you. If there's anything wrong with the finished product, we'll work together on making it right until you're absolutely satisfied with your investment. If you’re not satisfied, I’ll refund the money you paid for the artwork.

Unfortunately, Your Dog’s Best Photos May Just Be the Ones on Your Phone Right Now

Even worse, they may never leave your phone.

Or they can be beautiful images full of vibrant personality, sheer joy, and a treasured work of art to adorn your home for the rest of your life.


How do you want to remember your dog after her time is up?

When you reserve a portrait session, you’ll have the peace of mind that your dog’s memories and stories will be preserved forever; you’ll have beautiful, deeply personal, and unique artwork to adorn your home with the warmth of your dog’s smile, and you’ll give your dog a fun and memorable experience that you’ll both remember for the rest of your lives.

As long as your dog is still around, no matter how old (whether she's 4 months or 12 ½ years old!), it's not too late!

The perfect, unique gift.

You may be thinking, “I don’t have a dog, but I definitely know someone who would love this experience for their dog.”

Or, you’re looking for a different, unique gift to wow your loved ones.

Gifting someone a special dog photography experience is a wonderful way to give a unique, thoughtful, and special treasure that will last for years to come.

Here are some reasons to give:

  • A Rescue Anniversary

  • A Dog's Special Birthday

  • Puppy Portraits (capture those fleeting moments before they grow up too fast)

  • Milestone Event (e.g. Training Graduation, Competitions)

  • Holiday Gift

  • A Celebration of Life (For those furry loved ones nearing the end of their life)

  • Just because...!